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Sunshine Laws

Sunshine Laws

Colorado’s Sunshine Laws

Maxfield Gunning, LLP assists individuals and entities seeking to enforce Open Records and Open Meetings Laws. These laws include the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), the Colorado Open Meetings Law (COML), and the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

We value public participation in government, and believe that government that is open and transparent encourages public participation and helps to ensure responsible stewardship of limited resources.

In Colorado, decades of coordinated advocacy by the press, individuals, and attorneys through legislation and litigation have created a body of law that enhances our government’s accountability. We are well-versed in Colorado’s Sunshine Laws and provide advice and representation to enforce their requirements.

We are proud to represent the Boulder Daily Camera in its effort to obtain the names and application materials of the finalists for the 2019 University of Colorado President position.  In March 2020, the Denver District Court found in favor of the Daily Camera, holding that the Board of Regents violated CORA when it denied the Daily Camera’s open records act requests.  The case is currently pending before the Colorado Court of Appeals.

While a First Assistant Attorney General, Eric Maxfield provided training to Assistant Attorneys General and state agency staff on Open Meetings Law and Open Records Law compliance. He routinely acted as general counsel to diverse state agencies concerning their Sunshine Law obligations, and he litigated Sunshine Law challenges before state district and appellate courts. He has served as a guest lecturer to law students on Colorado Sunshine Law requirements at the University of Denver School of Law.

Rob has handled Sunshine Law matters in a variety of contexts, including the representation of the press and individuals in CORA litigation and the representation of local government entities in responding to CORA requests.

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