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Employment Disputes

Employment Disputes

Maxfield Gunning, LLP provides comprehensive legal services in employment law. We take a personalized approach because we understand that you are not a “case,” that you are not looking for a lawsuit, but rather are trying to fulfill your professional ambition and protect your job and reputation. We use our considerable experience in the field to analyze and evaluate all employment options available to our clients.

State Employee

Eric and Rob are uniquely qualified to represent state employees in employment disputes.  Rob served as an Administrative Law Judge with the State Personnel Board from 2011-2013.  Eric represented the State Personnel Board as a First Assistant Attorney General from 2010-2019.  Our firm has represented state employees in litigation before the State Personnel Board, and Eric recently filed an amicus brief on behalf of state employees by the Colorado Plaintiff Employment Lawyers Association in Stiles v. DOC, before the Colorado Supreme Court. A decision protecting employee rights to a full hearing to develop a factual record issued on December 21, 2020.

Retaliation and Whistleblower

The law protects many employees from retaliation or adverse action following the employee’s filing of a complaint or engaging in lawful activity. The law prohibits employers from taking punitive action for engaging in “protected” activity such as filing an OSHA complaint, filing a workers’ compensation claim, or filing a complaint related to harassment or discrimination. Examples of retaliation include discharge, suspension, demotion, relocation, or other adverse employment action taken against an employee in the terms, conditions, privileges, or benefits of employment. If you have engaged in protected activity, or are thinking about doing so, we can help you anticipate, avoid, or mitigate negative consequences.

Executive compensation disputes / Employment contracts and negotiations

As you embark on a contractual relationship in a practice or with a company, we can help you anticipate and avoid pitfalls. If you seek to exit a contractual relationship or are dealing with a contract dispute, we can help to strategize and avoid or mitigate damage. This may include dealing with non-compete agreements, severance agreements, retirement agreements, pay, overtime and leave disputes, and family medical leave act protections.


We can help you assess the ways the law protects you against discrimination, and the actions you can take to best protect your work, license, and reputation. And we can advocate for you in a conflict, seeking resolutions that fulfill the promise of the laws, including the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),  the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.

We work with our clients to strategize on ways to keep a job, to obtain a reasonable accommodation, and to eliminate negative and discriminatory policies and practices. We counsel our clients based on our experience, and will assertively use the law to fulfill its promise of equal opportunity and equal participation.

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