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Appellate Practice

Appellate PracticeWe are experienced and skilled appellate practitioners.  Collectively, we possess more than 40 years of experience, having served as appellate counsel in numerous appeals spanning 1996-2019.  Our appellate experience covers a range of substantive areas, including state and local tax, property tax, land use, professional licensure, administrative procedure, constitutional law, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), professional and peer review, and Colorado Open Records and Open Meetings Law.

Eric has served as appellate counsel and attorney supervisor in appeals before the Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado Court of Appeals, and United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. His extensive background in civil appeals was gained through more than twenty years of civil and administrative litigation.

Rob has served as appellate counsel in appeals before a variety of tribunals, including the Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado Court of Appeals, California Court of Appeal, Wyoming Supreme Court, and South Dakota Supreme Court.  His broad and extensive background in civil litigation, including more than 15 years in civil litigation and 8 years of service as a Judicial Officer, assists clients in navigating complex appellate matters.

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